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about Veronica

Veronika ZemanovaVeronica (Veronika) Zemanova was born April 14, 1975 in the historic southern Bohemian town of Czech Republic (Ceske). At the age of 18 Veronika Zemanova headed for Prague planning to make her fame and fortune as a photographer. Unfortunately for her (and fortunately for her fans) in 1997 her photography equipment, much of it borrowed, was stolen from her car. To make up for the loss she moved to the other side of the camera and started posing nude.

She was tricked into working at an S&M Castle where she received numerous offers from photographers. At this time she began a relationship with a photographer Stefano Santori which resulted in her first website.

However, this relationship was soon terminated and she went off with her own career. Soon after, her career started to launch as she was flown to major international photography events. Suze Randal, probably one of the most famous and demanding glamour photographers, has shot her over fifteen times. She was featured as a cover in countless, major men magazines, including Penthouse.

Today she is working extremely hard to keep in shape, exercising over 5 times a week. When she is tired of modeling, she plans to return to her original dream of making a career as a photographer.

Veronika works hard to keep her incredible body in shape, exercising in the gym at least five times a week. A TV and movie addict, her favorite film stars are Isabella Rossellini, Nicholas Cage and Bruce Willis. When she retires from modeling she plans to go back to the other side of the camera, discover fresh Czech girls and photograph them for the magazine market.

Try to look this comic videoclip (0:47, 320 x 240, 1.2 M) also :)

Veronica Zemanova's Stats:

5' 6" (1.68 m)
120 lbs (55 k)

Photos of Veronica Zemanova

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